Jesus Poynton

I woke the next morning to find myself alone in bed. I looked at the clock to find it past ten in the morning. I never sleep in. The previous night really took it out of me. I yelled to see if anyone was home. No response. The girls must have left me.

I pulled out my phone to see a text from Lexi. She sent it when they left the house. It said, "Holly and I are going shopping. Be back in a few hours. Sleep good honey. Love you." I was excited to see what they were shopping for. They mentioned the previous night about shopping for anal prep supplies.

I meandered out of bed to the shower and then the kitchen. Once finished I was ready for the girls to get home but I figured I still had a couple hours. I went to the backyard to make sure everything was clean from the party. Other than empting the trash and a few pieces of clothing, the yard looked great. I decided to get some sun and relax till the girls got home.

My full body tan was coming along nicely. The parts that used to be covered by a swimsuit were getting close to matching the rest of my body, benefits of being a nudist.

I was watching TV and was in my own world when I heard a gasp and a women's voice say, "I'm sorry, oh my gosh, I'm sorry."

I turned to see my neighbor Carrie already walking towards the gate with her head down.

"Carrie wait." I stood up. "There is no need to apologize. Its really not a big deal." I said.

"I keep seeing you naked and I walked in your private backyard. I'm sorry, all I needed was my cover-up I left here yesterday." Carrie said.

"Quit apologizing. I told you yesterday that you could come over whenever you wanted. I also warned you of our possible nudity." I said.

"I know, its just a little shocking. I thought you were joking about all the naked stuff." Carrie said.

"No jokes Carrie. Lexi and I are naked quite often. Some of our friends join in as well. Were kind of nudist now. I can put a towel on if you are uncomfortable." I said.

"No!" Carrie said a little too emphatically and then paused thinking, "I am kind of intrigued by nudism and you're not to bad to look at."

Carrie's body seemed to relax as the initial shock wore off. Her eyes kept moving all over my body.

"Thank you." I said.

"Your friends join in as well?" Carrie asked.

"Yeah a few of them." Last night being the first time, "It has been fun being so free." I said.

"So Lexi and you are okay with other people seeing you naked?" Carrie asked.


"Yeah. I don't think you're ready for the whole story but lets just say Lexi and I made major life changes about a month ago. We have become much more open and free when it comes to our lifestyle. I mean a month ago Lexi would have never worn a bikini to a party. We had an awakening to how fun life could be." I said. Any person would read into my comments.

"I can see that. I must say I admire the two of you. I have spent the last fifteen years of my life in quiet desperation. Seeing and talking to Lexi and you yesterday really opened my eyes for the better." Carrie said referencing her terrible marriage.

"Good! If there is ever anything we can help you with please call. If you are bored at home just come over. Honestly you seem like an amazing person and you deserve some fun." I said reflecting on her life story she told me.

"Thanks and I will definitely take you up on the offer. I spend a lot of time at home by myself." Carrie said.

"Great, Lexi is out shopping with a friend right now. I could use some company if you want to lay out with me? You don't have to go naked and I can put on a suit. Whatever makes you the most comfortable?" I said.

"Sounds fun Steve. You can stay like you are. I think I will wear a suit though. I know I joked about it yesterday but no one except on the rare occasion my husband has seen me naked in the last twenty years." Carrie said.

"I'm sure you look amazing naked. Maybe one day I will get you to be a nudist." I said.

"Maybe we should start at one of your top or bottom parties." Carrie joked.

"Deal! I will set one up later today." I said.

Carrie laughed and then said, "Are you sure your wife is okay with just the two of us hanging out? Especially with you in your current state." Carrie said worrying about hanging out with a naked married man.

"I know she's fine with it, but lets call her to be sure." I said as I grabbed my phone.

"You're seriously calling her?" Carrie asked nervously.

"Yeah, we have no secrets and I want you to feel comfortable." I said.

Lexi answered the phone quickly and I put it on speakerphone. I explained the situation and how Carrie walked in the backyard. Lexi was laughing and thought the situation was great. Carrie on the other hand was turning red in embarrassment.

Then I said to Lexi, "Would it be okay with you if Carrie and I laid out by the pool together." I knew her response but the question was for Carrie

"Can Carrie hear me?" Lexi said

"Yes it has been on speaker the whole time so I have heard everything." Carrie said.

"Great then you need to know that I am perfectly fine with you and Steve hanging out. Have fun. I trust Steve and so should you. If he says I would be okay then its okay. Steve doesn't lie." Lexi said.

"Just so I get this right. You are fine with me laying out with your naked husband?" Carrie said.

"Yep, I am completely fine with it. He's not bad to look at either in that department." Lexi said.

"You're right about that." Carrie said blushing, as she looked me up and down.

"Great! You guys have fun and we should be home in a couple hours."

We said goodbye.

"Do you realizes how cool your wife is?" Carrie said.

"Yes! She's pretty great." I said.

"Let me run home and change and then I will be right back." Carrie said.

"You don't have to do that. We just bought Lexi a bunch of brand new swimsuits. You can pick one you like and keep it. My treat." I said.

"Thank you. I need a new swimsuits." Carrie said.

"Follow me." I said

I took her to our master closet. Lexi had hung all of the new swimsuits up. Almost all of them still had the tags on. Between the ones Lexi bought and the ones I bought, there must have been more than twenty.

"Pick anything you want. Lexi has a variety to choose from and you can probably guess my favorites." I said as I held up a very skimpy thong.

Carries eyes went big and then said, "Let me look through them."

"I will meet you back at the pool." I said and left.

Carrie came out five minutes later. She had not picked the suit I had chosen but one with a little more cloth. It was a colorful bikini that looked great against her light olive skin. Different neon colors covered the top and bottom. The top was a triangle and strings covering her modest size breasts. The bottoms were low cut in the front, with inch thick straps going to the back. I recognized the bottoms from the suits I bought. If I remembered right, the back was pretty small.

I caught a glimpse of her ass when she was getting into a lounge chair. The bikini bottoms were very cheeky. They were not thong but showed a good amount of her toned ass. She was taller and skinner than Lexi so her ass was not as big. Her model type ass still looked full and round. She was not flat assed like you see on skinny runway models. She had curves and a nice crease at the bottom.

My dick took notice and started to grow slightly. We sunned our fronts. It was a great sight watching her put lotion on. We talked consistently for about an hour. We got along great and Carrie really enjoyed herself. Then she flipped to sun her back.

"Do you need any lotion on your back?" I asked.

"Oh yes, that would be wonderful." Carrie said.

I sat on the edge of her chair. It was a little weird at first to be naked this close to her but that quickly went away. I spread a good amount of lotion on her back. I covered every inch from her neck to her lower back. I made it into more of a massage then simply applying lotion. Carrie approved.

Once her back was done I moved down to her legs. I started at her calves and worked my way up. I was not going to push the line without consent because I did not want to ruin what we had.

I stopped about mid thigh and said, "I guess I will stop there."

"Oh, I guess that's good." Carrie said disappointed.

"Unless you want me to keep going?"

Carrie smiled and said, "Sure, I mean if Lexi would be okay with it."

I didn't answer but put more lotion on my hands and continued on from where I left off. I took my time and little by little I made it to the bottom of her ass. There was not an ounce of fat on her ass. It was the firmest ass I had ever felt. My hands kneaded the lotion into her ass. I stopped myself from trying anything further.

I settled back on my chair, copying Carrie by tanning my back now.

"Thanks Steve. That was very relaxing." Carrie said.

"It was my pleasure." I said.

"So would you like lotion on your back now?" Carrie said.

"I would love some." I said.

Carrie was bolder. She straddled my waist and squeezed a healthy amount of lotion on my back. I jump from the cold in surprise. Carrie then worked the lotion into my skin with her delicate hands. She was soft and tender. My cock grew instantly.

Carrie continued down my back. She moved to kneel between my legs. My hard cock was only inches from her knees and clearly visible. Then she grabbed the lotion and squeezed more lotion right on my ass. She rubbed my ass. It was strange to feel her squeezing my cheeks and somewhat parting my ass. I know that's what I would do to a girl, but to have a girl do it to me was weird. She continued on, even getting close to my asshole. It felt amazing but odd.

Carrie spent most of the time on my ass and then finally moved down my legs. I was so turned on that I wanted to rip off her bikini bottoms and fuck her but I controlled myself. Hell, by her actions I figured she wanted me to. She moved back to her chair and I was left with a hard dick and nothing else.

Back in her chair she sunned her back and looked at me. My dick was throbbing and I could not handle the pressure of lying on my stomach. I forced to turn over and Carrie got a full view to my erect penis. Her eyes were glued on him and her mouth slightly open in shock.

My flaccid cock is still pretty good size but I really grow for an erection.

"Carrie?" I said after she stared for a good twenty seconds.

"Sorry Steve. You are quite large down there." Carrie said.

"I am?" I played dumb.

"You damn well know you are. I was across the street when I first saw you and today you have not been... you know... hard... very impressive Steve. Can I ask how big it thing is?"

"Thank you and yes. He is about a ten incher." I said.

"Wow. That is definitely the biggest penis I have ever seen." Carrie said.

"Do you want a picture so you don't have to stare so hard?" I joked.

"Sorry I am just a little shocked." Carrie said turning a little red.

"I'm just kidding, please look as long as you want. You want a closer look." I said pulling her lounge chair right next to mine. "Or even touch it." The last part came out without me realizing what I was saying. However I waited her response.

"Umm..." Carrie said while she leaned forward to look closer. "Sure..." was all she said.

Carrie was in a trance as her hand reached out and touched my cock. At first only her finger traced from the tip to the base. Then slowly she became more comfortable. Her fingers slowly closed around my shaft. Her petite hands could not circle the shaft.

"Oh my gosh what am I doing?" Carrie shrieked as her trance broke and she saw my cock in her hand. "Your married."

"Carrie if you don't want to touch me that is fine but you are doing nothing wrong. Lexi is fine with this; we could even call her again. Don't feel guilty for me. We are only having fun nothing more." I said.

Carrie took a few deep breaths and then spoke saying, "Sorry I freaked out. Touching my married neighbor scared me. Especially when your wife has been so sweet to me." Carrie said.

"As I said earlier Lexi and I have an open lifestyle so nothing you have done today is wrong. I know you are married and I don't want to do anything you're not comfortable with." I said.

"Oh screw my husband. He's an asshole and cheats on me constantly. You promise Lexi is okay with this?" Carrie said.

"Absolutely." I said.

Carrie reached back out and took hold of my cock. She admired my member as she simply held me for a few minutes.

"This is seriously the best penis. It feels like it weighs a few pounds." Carrie said.

I stood with my dick only one foot from her face and said, "That's why my erection doesn't stick straight out. Always points towards the ground."

"I don't know what to say. Rarely am I left speechless. I have never seen anything like that." Carrie said.

My hopes of her opening her mouth and sucking we faded. She made no attempt and I was not going to push.

I sat back down and said, "Feel free to touch and hold him as much as you want."

Carrie must have liked my statement because her hand was back in my lap, holding my cock.

"Now, my only question is, when are you going to lose the bikini and join me?" I said.

Carrie thought for a minute then said, "I'll take off my top but that's all."

"Awesome. I was willing to beg." I joked.

Carrie pulled the ties of the bikini. The triangle fabric fell from her breast and her entire chest was exposed. Carrie had mentioned she did not like her breast but she was wrong for thinking so. They were modest sized boobs, probably a B or a small C. They were perfectly round with only the tiniest sag. Her nipples were a medium shade of pink and small, about the size of a nickel.

"You are beautiful Carrie. Your breast look amazing." I said as I stared

"No there not. They are too small. I have always wanted bigger. I've always wanted a boob-job." Carrie said.

"No they perfect and they look amazing. They look great with your body. Honestly they are gorgeous." I said.

"Thanks but I still don't believe you." Carrie said.

We continued to argue in good fun until the back door opened and out walked Lexi and Holly. Carrie quickly let go of my cock and jumped in surprise, trying to cover herself. The natural reaction any woman would have if caught lying out topless with another woman's husband and touching his cock. Carrie kept glancing at my cock, hoping she did not get caught touching me.

Lexi was the first to speak, "It's wonderful to see you again Carrie and I am so glad you kept Steve company."

"No problem." Carrie said shyly. She was still covering herself with her hands

"No need to be covering yourself Carrie. We are all friends. I think I will join you two. Holly do you want to lay out too?" Lexi said.

Holly was in a loose cotton t-shirt and jean shorts. Quickly her shirt was over her head. No bra was underneath, only bare tits. Lexi followed with pushing the straps of her sundress off her shoulders. The dress fell to the ground. Lexi only had on a small thong.

"Much better!" Lexi said, "As you can tell we like to be naked and I am so happy you have joined us. You can keep touching Steve. I hope he didn't pressure you too much."

Carrie first turned red, realizing she got caught. Then she understood that Lexi was serious, she relaxed. Carrie moved her hands and her body became less tense.

"Sorry for touching him." Carrie said to Lexi.

"Sorry? Steve has a gift and I love sharing it. Honestly I want you to keep touching him." Lexi said.

Carrie looked at her skeptically but Lexi only smiled and nodded. Carrie reached back out and took hold of my throbbing member.

"I am surprised how fun this all is." Carrie said, "I think I am going to like being friends with you guys." Carrie said.

"It only gets better. Pretty soon you will be walking around naked all the time." Lexi said.

"You're probably right." Carrie said.

"Did you guys get back early?" I said.

"No. It's past one."

"Wait, really? I have to go." Carrie said.

"Why?" Holly asked.

"My daughter is coming to visit for a couple weeks and she'll be here in less than an hour." Carrie said.

"If you don't have plans every night we could all go out to dinner? No nudity." I said.

"Yes I will call or come over tomorrow." Carrie said.

The girls all hugged goodbye, topless. Which was very hot. I hugged Carrie and my erection rested nicely against her bikini bottoms.

Once Carrie left Lexi stood and said, "Holly and I need about twenty minutes. Go shower in the guestroom."

Now I was really intrigued. What were they planning? I showered quickly and then walked down the master. The door to the room was open but the bathroom door was closed. The shower was running. My preparation took only five minutes so I was left to wait. I decided to go downstairs to get a snack and watch TV.

It was a good half hour later when I heard the girls coming down the stairs. They were worth the wait.

Both girls were wearing matching lingerie and high heels. They had on light blue lace teddies. Not much was left to the imagination. The lingerie was cup-less so breasts were exposed. Through the lace I could see their tan skin.

At the bottom of the steps, both girls spun. Their backsides were more impressive. The lingerie had tiny strings crisscrossing their backs. I was expecting a thong but it was not. The material split between their legs to either side. The material framed the outside of each cheek, leaving the crack totally exposed and open. Not only were they giving me easy access to their puckered holes but also they had started without me. Holly and Lexi had matching anal plugs with a light blue jewel on the end.

"Could you turn on the music Steve? It should be on the right song." Lexi said. They had planned out every detail of this event. The music was slow but had a great rhythm.

They walked slowly to the couch where I was sitting, swaying to the music. I was on the edge of my seat, ready to pounce. However the two women stopped just out of reach. They held each other and started a seductive dance. Their hands roamed each other, as their bodies were pressed hard together. The dance became more naughty as they went from kissing, to sucking on tits, to rubbing pussies.

Then Holly dropped to her knees, spreading Lexi's legs. The lingerie ended just above Lexi's slit, leaving her pussy exposed.

I could not be a bystander any longer. I went to my knee's, opposite Holly. I played with Lexi's ass. Her ass was divine, smooth and soft in all the right places. I kissed every inch of her. I ran my tongue down her crack and played with the plug.

"Lick me... fuck... I am cumming... oh fuck yeah." Lexi yelled.

I could feel Holly pushing harder against Lexi. She must have picked up the intensity. I grabbed the butt plug and started pulling and twisting.

Lexi enjoyed our actions. Towards the end she lost strength in her legs and collapsed. She fell between Holly and I.

"Wow!" Was all Lexi could mutter.

Holly and I looked at her then each other. We made out over the top of Lexi. The taste of Lexi was strong on her lips.

"I love your surprise." I said to the both of them.

"We haven't gotten to the surprise yet. What we just did is normal daily life now. What is to come is a treat." Lexi said seductively.

"What is it?" I asked giddily.

"Should we tell him?" Holly asked Lexi.

"Sure, he has waited long enough and we don't want to run out of time." Lexi said.

"Okay Steve this afternoon delight is dedicated to you and your love for ass. We have a couple hours and the only hole your dick is allowed in is our butts. No pussy or mouth, just ass."

I was ecstatic. "Seriously?" I asked. I knew they were serious but the idea of fucking buttholes for hours was too much to believe.

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